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Throgh ”Svenska Turistföreningen” (STF) you can find hostels, hotels, mountin cabins and other similar accomodation in an easy way. It is one the largest organization for tourists in Sweden and especially good to go by when you are looking for hostels, may they be in major cities or in the country side.

If you are looking for camping sites there is a useful search engine, in english, at

Trains, busses and airports in Sweden

There are international airports all over Sweden. In Stockholm the airport is called Arlanda and in Gothenburg it is called Landvetter. The train system is wide and easily accessible. Travelling to Sweden you can also come by train or car from Norway or Finland. If you are coming from other parts of Europe you access Sweden through Denmark, either crossing the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö or taking the ferry from for example Helsingør to Helsingborg or Rostock to Trelleborg.

Trains: SJ

The train system is wide, easily accessible and comfortable. For example going from Malmö to Stockholm by train takes approximately four hours, from Gothenburg to Stockholm takes about three hours. Since the country is so wide though, going from the farthest north to the farthest south, you can spend a good 24 hours on your train.

Unfortunately the prizes are rather high and they change with the date. So the sooner you book the tickets, the less expensive they are. But there are discounts for children, youth (16-25), students and seniors.

The webpage for SJ

Busses: Flixbus

The cheapest way of travelling is by bus. Flixbus is a company operating long-distance busses in Sweden. Note that you need to buy your ticket on the internet or at a train station, it is not possible to buy your ticket on the bus! There are discounts for children, youth (16-25), students and seniors.

The webpage for Flixbus

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

The biggest international airport in Sweden – Arlanda – is situated 40 km north of Stockholm, south-east of Uppsala. 19 millions passengers went through this airport in 2011 and it has destinations all over the world. For domestic and European flights there is also Bromma Airport which is situated much closer to the central parts of Stockholm.

The fastest way to travel from Arlanda to Stockholm Central Station is by the Arlanda Express. It’s a high-speed train service with the trains leaving every 15 minutes. The journey takes 20 minutes and single tickets cost 260 sek for adults and 130 sek for students, children, youth and seniors. It is better to buy the tickets on the internet or on the terminals in the airport, since purchasing them onboard costs another 50 sek.

There are airport busses going to central Stockholm every ten minutes during the weekdays and a bit less often during weekends. The journey takes about 45 minutes with single ticket costing 99 sek for adults and 79 sek for youth and seniors. For more information, please visit: Flygbussarna or Swebus.

There is also bus number 801 going to Uppsala every 20 minutes.

The webpage for Airlanda Airport

Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg

Landvetter is the second biggest airport in Sweden, situated 25 km east of Gothenburg. There are Flygbussarna Airport Coaches operating between the airport and Gothenburg. The journey takes from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your destination. Single tickets are 89 sek for adults and 60 sek for children and seniors.

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Malmö Airport, Malmö

If you want to visit the southern parts of Sweden you can either fly to Copenhagen (Kastrup airport) and then take the train to Sweden, or fly to Malmö Airport outside of Malmö and take the bus in to town. Malmö airport is located approximately 30 km east of Malmö. There are busses going to the centre Malmö for 99 sek (adults) and for 79 sek (youth and seniors).

The distance to Malmö is the same from both airports, generally Kastrup is recommended for international flights and Malmö Airport for domestic ones. Kastrup is the biggest Scandinavian airport, so depending on your point of departure you will fly through Kastrup regardless.

The webpage for Malmö Airport

There are plenty of small airports all over the country, mainly flown to by ”Malmö Aviation” or ”Norwegian”.